• Dining & Banqueting / 聚餐和宴会
  • Weddings Reception / 婚庆喜宴
  • Corporate Events / 企业活动


Let animals live.
Let the Arctics remain frozen.
Let the Ocean be unpolluted.
Let Tress grow.
Let our greed lessen immediately.

Adopt Vegetarianism,
a diet of loving kindness.

~ H.E. Tsem Rinpoche ~

Treasure Oasis wishes to encourage vegetarianism by making the vegetarian diet delicious, appealing and readily available to people. Promoting vegetarianism is promoting non-violence through respecting the lives of all living beings thus creating the causes for a larger vision of promoting world peace.

Treasure Oasis serves natural, delicious and healthy cuisines sourced from the finest seasonal produce and uses the freshest ingredients of the best quality. Its mantra is to serve food that benefits a healthy lifestyle and encourages its diners to eat with compassion, hence the theme “Vegetarian Banquet & Dining”.


  1. The Hall accommodate up to 500 pax with 50 tables.
  2. 3 private room accommodate 1 table per room.
  3. Dining for Lunch, Dinner, Birthday, Family gathering, Corporate, Product Launching and Wedding Event.
  4. Stage.
  5. AV System.
  6. Projector.

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